Festivals & Events

Easily set up a weatherproof event space for festivals - covered or open-air, incorporating food van, ticketing booth or storage.

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Residential & Commercial

Future Container Roofing can provide secure, safe housing and office spaces with its modular system, customised to individual needs.

The possibilities are endless.

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Rapid installation.

An ability to attach solar panels for power & water storage. Many options available with our modular expansion.

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Mining & Remote Community

Storage and shelter solutions to protect the mining industry's very expensive equipment assets.

Easy set up.

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Warehousing solutions


Solve the logistics nightmare with FCR. State-of-the-art warehousing wherever you need it.

Warehouse storage in safe, secure container boxes built high enough for trucks to come and go.

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The possibilities are endless with Future Container Roofing.

Stacking solutions on the docks are easily administered.

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Water Storage

Emergency Services

Cyclone proof accommodation could be built before the storm even hits.

Safe, solid and sound structures.

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