Future Container Roofing is a light, cost effective, fast & reliable building system.

Using our patented technology, Future Container Roofing is easy to assemble, incredibly strong, reusable and available anywhere in the world.

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Imagine if shipping containers could be as versatile as building blocks...

Able to be relocated, rearranged & reconfigured in endless ways to create rock solid structures in a fraction of the time you'd expect.

Introducing Future Container Roofing - the eco way of bringing containers together.

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Suitable for use in weather conditions including high winds, rain and humidity without accumulating condensation.

Suitable for a wide range of industry - international, military and commercial applications including housing, warehousing, disaster relief and humanitarian purposes.

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Stable and strong, modular, extendable.

Suitable for use in all weather conditions including high winds, rain and humidity.

Packable configurations to fit into shapes of standard ISO 20' or 40' shipping containers with sufficient strength to be stacked with other shipping containers and transported on a truck or ship designed to carry standard shipping containers.

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Rodney Bonlin has over 38 years of experience within the container industry, spending many of them repairing and modifying containers for major container companies and wharf associated organisations.

There are few in the industry who can match Rod's knowledge and expertise of welding, fabrication, engineering specifications and drawings.

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Fast Recycled Easy Strong Recyclable Moveable Patented Fire Retardant Enviro Friendly Cost-Effective Safe